The Mangrove Lab

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Previous staff - Hall of Fame

Wei Kit Lee

Research Assistant                                                                                            weikit.lee(at)

I am a Research Assistant with the Singapore-Delft Water Alliance, working in the Mangrove Lab on propagule dispersal studies. I am interested in mangrove ecology and restoration. I am also interested in the interaction between society and nature. I believe that real-world situations always involve nature and mankind. I am interested in sustainability development, socio-ecological networks, ecosystem management and conservation economy. I'm also studying for my Masters degree in the Mangrove Lab, where I am modelling the coastal protection function of mangroves.

Rayna Ben-Zeev

Research Associate

I am a Fulbright Scholar, researching the fisheries ecosystem services of mangroves in Singapore. Previously I studied environmental science and mathematical modeling at Colorado College, and worked in a lab researching amphibian extinctions with climate change at University of California Santa Cruz. My curiosity for mangrove ecosystems began when I studied ecology in Thailand for four months and a host family introduced me to the various ecosystem services provided by mangroves. I am interested in ecology, ecosystem services, and climate change forecasting.

Dr. Dan Richards                                             [email protected]
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2014-15)

I'm interested in the interactions between people and ecosystems. People gain benefits from nature (i.e. ecosystem services), and people's decisions affect the way that natural areas are managed. I'm working in the Mangrove Lab to analyse the ecosystem services provided by mangroves in Singapore, and investigate the impacts that future changes in coastal management might have on mangrove service provision. I first studied Biology at the University of Exeter, then moved on to a PhD in Freshwater Ecology at the University of Sheffield. My PhD looked at how we can apply an ecosystem services framework to managing river floodplains in Europe. My publication stats can be found here.

Thiagarajah, Wong, Richards & Friess. 2015. Historical and contemporary cultural ecosystem service values in the rapidly urbanizing city state of Singapore. Ambio

Richards & Friess. 2015. A rapid indicator of cultural ecosystem service usage at a fine spatial scale: content analysis of social media photographs. Ecological Indicators 53, 187-195.

Richards, Maltby, Moggridge & Warren. 2014.  European water voles in a reconnected lowland river floodplain: habitat preferences and distribution patterns following the restoration of flooding. Wetlands Ecology and Management 

Richards. 2013.  The content of historical books as an indicator of past interest in environmental issues. Biodiversity and Conservation 22, 2795-2803

Dr. Pei-Shan Lin

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2014)                                                              f97228001(at)

My research focuses on nature-society relations and social dimensions of natural resource management. Working with David Taylor and Dan Friess, I am interested in exploring the co-evolutionary relationships between humans and environment from local perspectives. My PhD dissertation addressed the relationship between social network and nature-society dynamics by studying the community-based river conservation in Hualien of east Taiwan. I received my PhD. from National Taiwan University (2013) with major in geography. Previously, I was a researcher at the Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute, National Applied Research Laboratories. You can find more about me at

Rickson Tan
Research Assistant (2012-13)

I'm a Research Assistant with the Singapore-Delft Water Alliance, working in the Mangrove Lab full time on propagule dispersal studies, particularly propagule phenology in mangroves along the northern coast of Singapore. As a trained geographer, I'm interested in human-nature interactions that shape our surroundings. Our research will raise awareness to the general public about the beauty and importance of mangroves in our urban society.

James Rice

Affiliated Researcher (2011-12)

I am a conservation researcher based in South East Asia, I work as a consultant and research assistant on a variety of projects within the region; including with The Mangrove Lab. My research interests involve conservation management, long term monitoring and tropical ecology. I am working to develop management tools to access the value of current conservation initiatives, by creating best practice scenarios for tropical species and ecosystems. I aim to facilitate project management and the integration of credible research for decision making.