Jared Moore


Masters student
Assessing resilience of community mangrove management on Tanakeke Island, Indonesia

I earned a BA in International Studies from the University of Washington, Seattle in 2012 and have since worked at forestry  NGOs in Vietnam and Indonesia as a research assistant. My thesis research will assess mangrove management on a coral atoll in South Sulawesi using resilience theory to catalog the social, economic, and ecological inputs that compose the local social-ecological system (SES). In the 1990s, residents converted 70% (1,200 ha) of the island’s mangroves to aquaculture ponds which largely failed within a decade of use. A local NGO intervened in the early 2000s to improve livelihoods and conserve remaining forests; a major rehabilitation project (2010-2014) has restored mangroves to nearly 500 ha of abandoned aquaculture ponds. The community is now preparing for the complex process of securing community forest management rights from the state. However, concerns remain regarding community preparedness for sustainable management due to low capacity, exogenous pressures, and the recent resurgence of charcoal production as a livelihood. A resilience framework developed by the Resilience Alliance will be used to assess community progress towards sustainable, equitable mangrove management in a complex institutional landscape.