Meriadec Sillanpaa

[email protected]

PhD student
Sustainable Forest Management in mangrove forests

My PhD concentrates on the development and evaluation of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) regimes in mangroves. The objectives are to 1) model and study sustainable management schemes for an ecologically, economically and socially balanced mangrove forest; 2) observe what forestry practices can be performed without significantly affecting the ecosystem services provided by mangroves; and 3) understand how certification can play a role in implementing sustainable mangrove forest utilization. Study sites include the Bintuni Bay mangrove in West Papua, Indonesia and potentially other coastal forests in South East Asia.

I studied forestry and forest conservation in a Masters Program (MFC) at University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada), and received a BSc. in Geography from McGill University (Montreal, Canada). My broader interests and activities include the use of remote sensing and drone imagery to monitor forest environments, botany, management of coastal forests and New Guinea forest ecosystems.

Sillanpää, Vantellingen & Friess. 2017. Vegetation regeneration in a sustainable harvested mangrove forest in West Papua, Indonesia. Forest Ecology and Management 290, 137-146.