Sasha Soto

PhD student
Assessing Singapore's coastal Natural Capital

My PhD contributes working knowledge to the national-scale Natural Capital Assessment for Singapore, investigating natural ecosystems and the services they provide. Project goals include: (1) quantifying the current status of Singapore’s coastal-marine ecosystems, (2) quantifying the value of Singapore’s coastal-marine ecosystems to society, (3) assessing tradeoffs between urban development (urban assets) and natural capital (natural assets), and (4) assessing future policy and development opportunities that integrate coastal natural capital. This project will serve as the first national-scale and comprehensive assessment for ecosystem services in tropical ecosystems. Methods and results from this project can serve as guides for other nations to assess and quantify the economic values of their available coastal ecosystem services.

I attended Texas Tech University for my BS in Natural Resources Management and Wildlife Biology and MS in Wildlife, Aquatics, and Wildlands Science and Management. Thus far, my research has focused on better understanding the negative affects of aquatic invasive species using mesocosm experiments and species distribution modelling techniques. My greater research interests include conserving biodiversity in at-risk regions like tropical mangrove ecosystems and identifying catalysts that contribute to coastal degradation.