Mangrove Lab in the media
Research is only useful if it's communicated! Our research is regularly covered in national newspapers across Southeast Asia and internationally on the BBC. You'll find us in newspapers, on radio and TV. Click on the titles below to access the new stories.
Coastal ecosystem services

- Tipping Point (documentary on climate change featuring our carbon research) . Channel News Asia (Singapore), Apr 2019 [WATCH, from 35:20]
- Project aims to quantify worth of forests and marine habitats . Today newspaper (Singapore), Aug 2018
本地红树林储碳等于62万国人年排量 . Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore), Aug 2018
- Knowing the value of mangroves . The Straits Times (Singapore), Apr 2018
The carbon capacity of mangroves . BBC Radio 4/BBC World Service (international), May 2017 [RADIO - LISTEN]
Mangroves play key carbon storage role in Singapore . Straits Times (Singapore), Jan 2016
Indonesia's mangroves can help slow climate change . Sci Dev Net (international), Aug 2015
Using social media for environmental good . Hipporeads (international), Mar 2015
How viable are payments schemes for 'blue carbon'?  CIFOR Polex (international), Mar 2015
External Stressors: overlooked threats to PES schemes . Global Landscapes Forum (international), Feb 2015
Assessing the value of Singapore's mangrove swamps. Straits TImes (Singapore), Feb 2015
Status and function of mangrove forests in Southeast Asia . Business FM (Malaysia), Jan 2015 [RADIO - LISTEN]
Selfie help for conservation areas . BBC News (international), Dec 2014
Conserve mangroves as carbon sinks . Straits Times (Singapore), Dec 2011

Mangroves and sea level rise

- Nicobar islands lost 97% of their mangrove cover . Mongabay (international), Aug 2018
- As sea levels rise, Singapore prepares to stem the tide . Straits Times (Singapore), May 2017
Nicoll Drive being raised to stave off rising seas . The Straits Times (Singapore), Jan 2016
Mangrove forests are being starved of mud . Hakai magazine (Canada), Nov 2015
Rising seas threaten to drown important mangrove forests . The Conversation (Australia), Oct 2015
Mangroves face struggle to survive in rising seas . Eco-Business (international), Oct 2015
Mangroves disappearing under rising seas . Asian Scientist (international), Oct 2015
Political cartoon (a parody of our research!) . Straits Times (Singapore), June 2014
Ups and downs at Sungei Buloh . Straits Times (Singapore), June 2014
Protect mudflats, mangroves for migratory birds, say experts . Today newspaper (Singapore), June 2014
Need for wetlands monitoring in S.E. Asia . Straits Times (Singapore), June 2013
Simple tool can identify rise in sea levels . Asian Scientist (international), April 2013

Mangrove deforestation

- Big aquaculture bulldozes Borneo . Reuters/New Straits Times (international, Malaysia), Oct 2018
Mangrove deforestation emits as much CO2 as Myanmar . Eco-Business (international), Mar 2018
Aquaculture, palm oil threaten mangrove ecosystem . Jakarta Post (Indonesia), Apr 2017
9 things you need to know about these tough mangroves . Mongabay (international), Jul 2016
What's behind mangrove losses . The Star (Malaysia), Feb 2016
Rice and palm oil risk to mangroves . BBC News (international), Jan 2016
- World update. BBC World Service (international), Jan 2016
- Mangrove deforestation in Southeast Asia. 93.8FM (Singapore), Jan 2016
- NUS study shows mangrove loss. Capital 95.8FM (Singapore), Jan 2016
- Threats to mangroves in Southeast Asia. Warna 94.2FM (Singapore), Jan 2016
Oil palm and rice join aquaculture in destroying mangroves . Today newspaper (Singapore), Jan 2016
Land conversion threatens Southeast Asia's mangrove forests . Channel News Asia (Singapore), Jan 2016
- சதுப்புநிலக் காடுகளை வேறு காரணங்களுக்கு பயன்படு. Vasantham (Singapore), Jan 2016
- Plantations main cause of mangrove loss. The Star (Malaysia), Jan 2016
- Mangrove forests under threat. The Brunei Times (Brunei), Jan 2016
- Rice and palm oil risk to mangroves. Daily People (Bangladesh), Jan 2016
- Land cover threats to mangroves. Kampuchea Thmey Daily (Cambodia), Jan 2016
- Why are Southeast Asia's mangroves being destroyed? Hint: it may be your diet. Mongabay (international), Jan 2016
- Growing demand for rice and palm oil driving deforestation. International Business Times (international), Jan 2016
- Conversion to alternative land uses poses threats to mangroves. Xin Hua News Agency (China), Jan 2016
- Southeast Asia's mangroves under threat due to land conversion. Down to Earth (international), Jan 2016
- Causes of mangrove deforestation in Southeast Asia identified. Science Daily (international), Jan 2016
- Mangrove deforestation driven by rice and oil palm agriculture. Asian Scientist (international), Jan 2016
- Mangrove project will see 10000 trees planted in Pathein. The Irrawaddy (Myanmar), May 2014
- The President's mangroves message and the reality on the ground. Mizzima (Myanmar), May 2014
- Burma's mangroves in danger of extinction. Democratic Voice of Burma (Myanmar), May 2014
- Newsline. NHK (Japan), April 2014.
- Myanmar logs its progress. Business Standard (international), Jan 2014
- Mangrove ecosystems obliterated in Myanmar. Myanmar Business Today (Myanmar), Jan 2014
- Myanmar losing forests at fast pace, say reports. Straits Times (Singapore), Dec 2013
- Mangroves in the Irrawaddy delta could be gone in 'few decades'. The Irrawaddy (Myanmar), Dec 2013
- Mangrove ecosystems being obliterated in Myanmar. Mongabay (international), Nov 2013

Mangrove restoration

Christmas wish for Pulau Ubin takes root . The Straits Times (Singapore), Dec 2016
HDB bags award for green innovation . The Straits Times (Singapore), Aug 2016
Mangrove restoration in Singapore . The Straits Times (Singapore), May 2016

Miscellaneous news articles

- Mangroves: human cannot afford to lose this vital ecosystem . Southeast Asia Globe (international), Jul 2018
Mapping tech holds promise . Phnom Penh Post (Cambodia), Apr 2015
Mangrove experts urge restoration of organic coasts . Reuters (international), March 2014
Dan Friess' Singapore almanac of secret earth magic . WildSingapore (Singapore), Dec 2013
Calls to save Mandai site that's rich in biodiversity . Straits Times (Singapore), Oct 2013
The Swamp Thing: stir-fried science . Science Centre (Singapore), Oct 2013
Pulau Ketam: potential ecosystem nucleus in Singapore , Gaia Discovery (Singapore), May 2013
S'pore remains well protected against coastal erosion . Channel News Asia (Singapore), July 2012
S'pore remains well protected against coastal erosion . Channel News Asia (Singapore), July 2012 [VIDEO - WATCH]
Mandai mangroves: lessons for Southeast Asia's mangroves. WildSingapore (Singapore), July 2012
Studying mangroves to save coasts . Straits Times (Singapore), Nov 2009